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Lorne's camps find the perfect mix between having fun and becoming a better player. Campers will learn to see and understand the game as Lorne sees it, and learn how their individual skills fit into a greater team concept allowing for best possible results! Like at most camps, players will improve individual on-ball skills and learn about the value of hard work. Unlike at most camps, players will also be challenged to learn and develop their off-ball skills and overall team game.

A unique and favorite aspect of Lorne's camps is the competition for the "Campionship" of each division. Teams accumulate points throughout the week for winning games and drills, and also for displaying great teamwork and sportsmanship. With five instructional sessions and six game sessions, we mix the competition found at team camps with the skill development of instructional camps into our own patented formula to give you the best camp experience possible.

While good players may excel at individual skills like shooting, dodging, or 1v1 play, only the great players fully understand the team skills which make up the majority of the game. At each camp intermediate and advanced players in every age group will learn not only proper fundamental individual skills, but also how to move without the ball and play to their teammates' strengths to make the overall team as effective as possible.

Ball movement, teamwork, and unselfishness are stressed. Refine your individual skills while learning how they fit into team skills to gain the biggest advantage possible on offense and defense in both all-even and transition situations.

California and Oregon Lacrosse Camps

Recruiting: Lorne's camps to provide an exceptional opportunity for older players who may be considering UO to meet the coaches, current players, and see the campus — a perfect way to get on the recruiting radar of the UO coaches. Each day during free time, Lorne will be available to answer questions about the recruiting process and what college coaches look for in a potential recruit.

Offensive Players: Attackmen and Midfielders will improve their individual skills (dodging, passing, catching, ground balls) while also learning about how to apply those skills to the greater team game. Special focus on off-ball play, understanding the flow of offense, and how to draw slides and attack the back side. Mids will learn face-off techniques. Attackmen will learn how to quarterback the offense in transition and all-even situations.

Defensive Players: Defensemen will improve their individual skills (passing, catching, ground balls, 1v1 defense) and learn how to play Princeton-style team defense. Stick position, checks, footwork, sliding, recovering, looking away from the ball, and communication will all be stressed.

Goalies: The one position at camp that has one dedicated coach just to that position. That coach's job is to work just with the goalies to improve technique and strengthen weaknesses. Stopping the ball, clearing, and quarterbacking the defense are all given equal importance.

  • Excellent camper to coach ratio at 8 : 1

  • Unparalleled staff in their commitment to helping you improve as a player and have fun

  • Campers divided by age and then ability to ensure proper fit at camp and to maximize healthy competition Individual, small group, and team instruction geared to your individual level of play

  • Patented building block style of teaching the game, featuring staff demos and in-depth analysis of the following situations on both offense and defense:

    • All Even: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 6v6

    • Transition: 3v2, 4v3, 5v4

  • Positional breakdown clinics for extreme position focus!

  • Learn the value of teamwork on both offense and defense with special focus on off-ball play

  • Live games each day to apply new skills within our "Campionship" series

  • All-Star team picked for each division and D1 All-Stars mix in with coaches for special game to show them the pace at the next level!
  • Face off championship of the world!

  • Fastest shot competitions!

  • Lorne's shooting demo!

  • Talent show!

  • Awards for Camper of the Day, Hustle, Camper of the Week, and plenty of other prizes and giveaways!

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