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Lacrosse Camp Code of Conduct

While attending a Lorne Smith Lacrosse event, campers are expected to act according to the five pillars of character described below. We hope that campers will continue to live by these words long after camp has ended.


Never lie, steal, or cheat and do not tolerate those who do. Set a good example and encourage others to follow you. Remember that honor is very precious, and once lost, it takes a long time to earn back.


Be the same person at all times and adhere to your values regardless of the situation. Always be someone you are proud of.


Be respectful of others and yourself. Always be a gentleman and treat others with kindness and civility. Remember the golden rule — treat others as you would wish to be treated. Remember that words can be uplifting and healing or very hurtful. Act with empathy.


Remember that you are part of a community and that your accomplishments are based on the support of others. A confident, complete and whole person eschews his own glory for the sake of others. This same humility applies to the athletic arena and the way you conduct yourself as a player and a fan.


Strive for excellence in all that you do — academics, arts, athletics, and character. Do not settle for less than your best effort. If you put forward your best effort, no one can ask for more.

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